Will the world have a hard time avoiding recession?

Will the world have a hard time avoiding recession?

World Bank President David Malpass warned Tuesday that "many countries will have a hard time avoiding a recession," while noting that countries like the U.S. "could increase supply substantially" which "would affect prices immediately."

Are Asian economies at risk of recession?

The risk of recession in a handful of Asian economies is rising as higher prices spur central banks to accelerate the pace of their interest rate hikes, according to the latest Bloomberg survey of economists.

Is the global economy headed for a recession?

The global economy is set for a step back by the end of the year, and recession risks are elevated against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Covid-19 shutdowns in China, according to the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Can stocks withstand a global recession?

Stocks in developed markets showed they can stand up to a lot last week. One thing they almost certainly can’t withstand is a global recession.