Will forgiving student loan debt hurt the economy?

Will forgiving student loan debt hurt the economy?

“You don’t slow the economy down by forgiving debt and giving people another $24 billion to spend that they would have been spending paying off the student debt that they borrowed,” Blunt said.

Will voters turn out again for student loan debt forgiveness?

Ashley Allison, the former National Coalitions Director for Biden-Harris 2020, disagreed with Begala and said she believed voters would turn out again, as they did in 2020, for student loan debt forgiveness.

Is student loan debt really the bad guy?

"Student loan debt" isn’t the bad guy here-it’s merely a tool of the universities. Colleges and universities are racketeers. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they’ve been getting away with it for decades. They are manipulating a system to make money.

Does Tim Ryan support Biden’s student loan plan?

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) on Sunday said he supports a broader package of debt relief and a tax cut “for all working people” over the student loan forgiveness plan announced by President Biden.