Why is economy going down?

Why is economy going down?

When manufacturers start laying off workers, it means the economy is heading into a recession. In April 2020, the economy lost 1.3 million jobs in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing has gained jobs since then, but nowhere near enough to replace the loss.

Who is responsible for fixing the economy?

president is presumptively responsible for the economy and is automatically held accountable for its condition. Far from depicting a reflective and deliberative electorate,

How does economics failed the economy?

Economics failed the economy by telling us that everything that could be traded should be traded, since trade is always beneficial to humankind, even though even a child can see that people are fleeced and hoodwinked into buying every kind of foolish device, from guns to immortality potions, every day since time itself began.

Why is the American economy going down?

US economy is going down because the plutocracy wants the gap between them and the bottom increase. The govt goes along because the Congress takes bribes. All are horribly wealthy. Do you think Abe Lincoln would have a chance to get elected today if he were alive in this century?