Why invest in Labuan IBFC?

Why invest in Labuan IBFC?

Labuan IBFC is embarking on an aggressive growth strategy to become the premier international business and financial centre in the Asia Pacific region. Labuan’s business focus is on five core areas: offshore holding companies, captive insurance, Shariah-compliant Islamic Finance structures, public and private funds, and wealth management.

When was Labuan declared as an international offshore financial centre?

Retrieved 1 May 2014. Labuan was declared as an International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC) in October 1990 to complement the activities of the domestic financial market in Kuala Lumpur, strengthen the contribution of financial services to Gross National Products of Malaysia as well as develop the island and areas within its vicinity.

Where is the Financial Park in Labuan?

Financial Park (Labuan) Sdn. Bhd. , Level 14 (A) & 15 (A1), Block 4 Office Tower, Financial Park Complex Labuan

When did Labuan become a federal territory of Sabah?

In 1984, the Government of Sabah ceded Labuan to the federal government and later was admitted as a federal territory. It was declared an international offshore financial centre and free trade zone in 1990.