Why do we need a national strategy for financial services?

Why do we need a national strategy for financial services?

It can also enable more robust economic participation by all Americans in a strong and expanding economy, especially focusing on those outside the financial mainstream. The best practices identified in this National Strategy are intended to guide practitioners working in a wide variety of economic environments.

What is the financial system Strategy 2020 blueprint?

The Financial System Strategy 2020 blueprint will be used in achieving these goals:developing and transforming Nigeria’s financial sector into a growth catalyst and engineering Nigeria’s evolution into an international financial centre.

What is the National Strategy 2020 for financial education?

The National Strategy 2020 identifies the primary role for the federal government in the financial education field. Through policy development, research coordination, and focused program and resource development,

What is the National Strategy for youth financial capability?

To build youth financial capability, the National Strategy identifies the importance of building young people’s executive functions, financial habits, and financial knowledge and U.S. FINANCIAL LITERACY AND EDUCATION COMMISSION