Where can I get financing for a Lennox HVAC system?

Where can I get financing for a Lennox HVAC system?

You can find financing through dealers and retailers, your home’s value, government loan programs and your power company. Manufacturers, such as Lennox, Carrier and Trane, arrange with credit card companies to let you charge the purchase price.

Can I finance a new HVAC system?

Financing a new HVAC system means you can split up the cost of a new unit to fit your budget better. There are many financing options, including personal loans, credit cards, manufacturer financing, and borrowing against your home equity.

Can I borrow against my home to replace my HVAC?

Borrowing against your home makes your HVAC purchase tax deductible, but you can lose your home and the HVAC if you fall behind. Consider financing your HVAC system with a home improvement loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration. According to Energy Star, your HVAC replacement is a home improvement that qualifies you for FHA financing.

How can I pay for my new air conditioning system?

To pay for your new system, you can always max out your favorite credit card, or even take out a home equity line of credit. But financing your system through your local Carrier dealer offers a number of alternatives you can get comfortable with. *