What will the housing market do next?

What will the housing market do next?

The housing market in 2021 is continuing to explode like fireworks. Experts are seeing a post-pandemic rebound—we’re talking steady mortgage rates, job recoveries, and the law of supply and demand all working together to make home sales go kaboom! 1. Find expert agents to help you buy your home.

What is going to happen to the housing market?

“We will expect to see prices rising at extremely high levels for the first few months of 2022 before beginning to taper off towards more normal levels.” Most experts say housing demand will stay…

How is the housing market right now?

Short-term interest rate buy-downs and free or discounted upgrades may soon be coming to a housing market near you. Right now, the market is hot — “too hot for its own good,” says Ali Wolf, chief economist at Zonda, a research and marketing advisory firm.

When will the house market go down?

To respond to rising inflation, the Fed has alluded that it will start hiking interest rates by the back end of 2022, which could lead to stock and bond markets falling, which could lead to a possible recession that would affect the real estate market in 2023.