What is wage inflation and why is it important?

What is wage inflation and why is it important?

Let’s take wage inflation —the rate of change in wages—as a proxy for inflation in the economy. With so many workers available, there’s little need for employers to "bid" for the services of employees by paying them higher wages.

What is job title inflation and why does it matter?

Job title inflation is the increasing number and size of grandiose job titles in corporations and organisations, without a corresponding increase in pay. The phenomenon may be caused by employers who want to flatter their workers in a way that doesn’t involve paying them more.

What do you mean by inflation?

Kids Definition of inflation 1 : an act of filling with air or gas : the state of being filled with air or gas inflation of a balloon 2 : a continual rise in the price of goods and services

What is inflation and how does it affect your business?

Inflation refers to the broad increase in prices across a sector or an industry, like the automotive or energy business—and ultimately a country’s entire economy.