What is the most efficient car to commute in?

What is the most efficient car to commute in?

What’s the most efficient commuter car? If you’re willing to go electric, something like the Nissan Leaf (104 MPGe combined) or Chevrolet Bolt (120 MPGe combined). Gas models that would be the most efficient include the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq, and both offer up to 58 mpg city. Is a sedan or crossover better to commute in?

How to choose the right car for Your Commute?

For example, if a majority of your commute is on the highway, you want a vehicle that gets good highway mileage. Likewise, if your commute is long, you should pick a vehicle with features that make your ride more comfortable. Here are some of our top commuter picks:

What are the best used cars for frugal commuters?

Here are 10 used cars with great fuel economy for frugal commuters. 1. Mitsubishi Mirage When frugality comes first, it’s hard to beat the Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s one of the smallest cars sold in the U.S., it has one of the smallest engines, and aside from pricier hybrids and electric cars, it’s the most fuel-efficient car available in the country.

What is the best economical car to buy?

What is the best economical car to buy? We don’t think a car should be purchased on its fuel economy alone, but there are quite a few good cars that both sip fuel and are enjoyable to drive. Hybrids are generally the most efficient but often cost more than non-hybrid competitors.