What is the history of the Finance Academy of Russia?

What is the history of the Finance Academy of Russia?

In 2009, the Finance Academy celebrated 90 years of its history and received congratulations from numerous business and government officials, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin. [citation needed]

What is the Financial University of Russia?

Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (1992–2010) Financial University consists of eight faculties, 40 departments, three institutes, two high schools, two research institutes, eight centers, two training – science laboratories, a network of regional offices – 11 branches and four offices open in seven regions of Russia.

Who was the first rector of the Moscow Credit-Economic Institute?

It was opened on 2 March 1919, and its first rector was Dmitry Bogolepov [ ru] – the Moscow State University graduate, the Deputy People’s Finance Commissar of RSFSR. In September 1946, the institute was consolidated with Moscow Credit-Economic Institute training students since 1931.

When did the Finance Academy change its name to the University?

On 14 July 2010 the Russian Government approved a new Charter for the institution changing its name from the "Finance Academy" into the "Finance University" and made it an official consultative body to the government.