What is a synonym for Quest?

What is a synonym for Quest?

Synonyms for quest. cast about (for), cast around (for), chase (down), forage (for), hunt, look up, pursue, search (for or out),

What is the best definition of economical?

The definition of economical is something cost effective that is a good value, or someone who doesn’t waste, or who is frugal and doesn’t spend more than necessary. Of or pertaining to a combination of social and economic factors. Using a particular proportion of available energy.

What is a synonym for economic?

Synonyms for economic. fat, gainful, juicy, lucrative, money-spinning. [ chiefly British], moneymaking, paying,

How do you use Quest in a sentence?

“Not content to be a one-hit wonder, he would begin to quest after that next hit single.” “Only when beliefs conflict with personal experiences will most people begin to quest the truth of their beliefs.” “You can chime in once the lecturer specifically quests comments from the audience.” “I must quest your assistance in this matter.”