What is a flex fare on United Airlines?

What is a flex fare on United Airlines?

A Flex fare allows you to change or cancel your ticket for a fee. You’ll earn more Skywards Miles on a Flex fare than on a Special or Saver fare. You can upgrade a Flex fare using Miles in Economy Class and Business Class, as long as there are seats available.

What is the refund policy for Emirates Economy Economy Flex?

Emirates Economy Flex fares allow refunds or flight changes for $200 each. Business Flex fare refunds are $400 before departure and $1,000 after departure. Changes to Business Flex and First Flex flights are $400 each.

What are the different types of Emirates fare types?

Emirates Fare Types Economy Special / Business Special – cheapest, least flexible Economy Saver / Business Saver – cheaper, less flexible Economy Flex / Business Flex / First Flex – not as cheap, more flexible Economy Flex Plus / Business Flex Plus / First Flex Plus – relatively expensive, most flexible

What is the difference between Emirates Economy saver and Economy Flex?

Usually ones linked to Priority Pass are a good place to start. Fare difference between Saver & Flex is in the miles earned. Saver earns less miles. There are also fees for cancellation / changes as opposed to Flex or Flex Plus. 7. Re: Emirates Economy saver vs Economy Flex fares?