What happens if I Can’t pay Power Finance Texas?

What happens if I Can’t pay Power Finance Texas?

Because Power Finance Texas is a CAB — not a direct lender — you’ll pay both interest and broker fees, which can quickly increase the cost of your loan. If you aren’t able to make a payment, get in touch with Power Finance Texas as soon as possible to avoid any late charges or nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees.

Is Power Finance Texas good for installment loans in Texas?

Texas residents with less-than-perfect credit might want to consider an installment loan from Power Finance Texas. You can apply online or at one of its 10 branches scattered throughout the state. But APRs can reach as high as 766% — and it doesn’t have the best borrower reviews. Max. Amount Max. Amount

What is Power Finance Texas APR and how does it work?

APRs are typically quite high, and even though Texas limits the interest a lender can charge, Power Finance Texas acts as a CAB. This allows it to charge as much in fees as it sees fit, which can lead to paying back over seven times the amount you borrow.