What happened in Q2 for riskier asset classes?

What happened in Q2 for riskier asset classes?

Riskier asset classes rallied and ended the first half of 2021 with strong, broad-based returns, but Q2 experienced a different leadership tone than the prior 2 quarters. Large cap US growth stocks, including the technology and communication services sectors, led the gainers.

Which equities led the way in Q1?

US small- and mid-cap equities, REITs, and commodities led the way during Q1. Rising bond yields caused fixed income returns to struggle, with more economically sensitive high-yield corporate bonds holding up best.

How did US assets perform in Q2?

Market summary: Crosscurrents and market gains amid a fitful reopening Economic reopening underpinned widespread Q2 gains for US assets, marking the first half of 2021 as another period of exceptional US equity performance. Commodity prices also rallied sharply during Q2 amid constrained supply and surging global industrial activity.