What can I use instead of cornstarch in gumbo?

What can I use instead of cornstarch in gumbo?

Arrowroot powder. Again, this too is a thickening agent that has a neutral flavor and can be used as a substitute to filé powder in gumbo. Arrowroot powder gives the stew a more clear appearance than cornstarch. It also imparts better quality to the stew even if it has been frozen.

What happens if you don’t add flour to gumbo?

Not Adding Enough Flour If you don’t use enough flour, the roux will be watery. "Often times people do not make the roux thick enough and it will result in a gumbo that is more like a soup than a stew," says Dickensauge.

What is filé gumbo made out of?

Gumbo is traditionally served over steamed white rice (and sometimes potato salad!), with sliced scallions and hot sauce on the side. But there’s another important finishing touch: Filé ("FEE-lay") powder, which is made from sassafras leaves. It is typically sprinkled on individual servings to thicken and season gumbo.

Do gumbo recipes need filé powder?

Commercial formulas of sassafras products may have the safrole removed to meet FDA requirements. Many gumbo recipes use okra or a dark roux, rather than filé, as a thickening agent. If you simply can’t get your hands on filé powder, consider a recipe that doesn’t use it.