What are the providers of trade finance?

What are the providers of trade finance?

Examples of Providers of Trade Finance ‡Banks ‡Funds ‡Alternative Financiers such as forfaiting houses ‡Insurance Underwriters ‡Trading Companies Users of Trade Finance ‡Importers ‡Exporters ‡Trading Companies 8 TRADE FINANCE GUIDE tradefinanceglobal.com RISKS OF TRADE FINANCE

What are the different trade finance techniques for exporting on consignment?

As such, exporting on consignment may require the use of one or more of the following trade finance techniques: (a) export working capital financing, (b) government-guaranteed export working capital programs, and (c) export credit insurance. More detailed information on each trade finance technique is provided in Chapters 7 through 9 of this Guide.

Which trade finance technique is unavailable for open account terms?

Trade Finance Technique Unavailable for Open Account Terms: Forfaiting Forfaiting is a method of trade financing that allows the exporter to sell his medium and long-term receivables (180 days to 7 years or more) to a forfaiter at a discount, in exchange for cash. The forfaiter

What is the trade finance guide?

The Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters explains the basics of trade finance so that U.S. companies can evaluate appropriate financing options to ensure they get paid for their sales.