What are the different types of building inspection jobs?

What are the different types of building inspection jobs?

Here are some other building or site inspection jobs: Home inspector: This job involves making more detailed inspections of homes before banks approve mortgage loan. Since a home inspector reports on HVAC systems and other home equipment, they usually have more expertise than field inspectors do.

How much does it cost to hire a home inspector?

This will vary based on location and order density. Pricing paid to inspectors varies between $3.50 – $15.00 per inspection depending on geographic area, number of inspections and type of inspection. For example, an inspector might inspect 40 properties in one day.

What does a field inspector do in real estate?

A field inspector examines properties and sends written and photographic reports to lenders, insurance companies and other interested parties. Inspectors could see whether anyone is occupying a property, assess damage, evaluate the property for a potential mortgage or check its condition after a foreclosure.

How much does a field inspector make an hour?

On average, a field inspector makes $18.03 per hour. Field inspectors generally earn pay per inspection, so the income can depend on the available workload. In more densely populated areas with more sites, inspectors may do more inspections and earn more money than in rural areas.