Is there a parking lot at the Philadelphia Airport?

Is there a parking lot at the Philadelphia Airport?

CUSTOMER ALERT: The economy parking lot is open with limited capacity. Please call 215-683-9842 for availability. with a daily flat rate of $15.00. The Economy Lot’s entrance is located at the intersection of Island and Penrose avenues and is easily accessible from the following:

How much does parking cost in the economy lot?

Parking in the Economy Lot costs $9 per day with no additional fees. Pay for parking with a credit card at the pay station inside the Ground Transportation Center or at any pay station when exiting the lot.

What is the clearance level of the economy parking garage?

Remember to make note of which level ​you parked your vehicle upon exiting the garage. The clearance level of the Economy Garage is 8’2". The Economy Lot is at 5050 West 55th Street; just east of the Economy Garage. Call Midway’s Parking Garage Office at (773) 838-0756 for:

Can I Park in the parking lot for longer than 30 days?

Any person who needs to park in any of the parking lots for longer than 30 days must get prior approval from EUG Parking. Without prior approval, a vehicle may be subject to citation and towing at the owners ‘expense. If your vehicle does not fit within the standard parking stall markings, please use the long-term large vehicle section.