Is American first finance a good company?

Is American first finance a good company?

American First Finance is your best solution for customers that need flexibility. The WalletHub rating is comprised of reviews from both WalletHub users and ratings on other reputable websites. The rating was last updated on 08/18/2022.

How does first financial compare to other personal lenders?

First Financial has a very different approach to personal lending compared to its competitors. Most lenders rely heavily on credit scores and a borrower’s credit report to help them approve or deny loans, while First Financial relies on current income.

When was the last time first finance rating was last updated?

The rating was last updated on 08/18/2022. Account was paid off in full on August 18th 2022 by Kevin Smith from wells fargo checking account to America’s first finance loan paid early Kool people. I would buy from this place again Will be paid off soon…..I will be working with first finance again….

Is first financial a good company to use for a loan?

The lender is best for consumers with lower credit scores looking for lower personal loan amounts. The company’s financial services also include online banking that gives you access to a checking and savings account. First Financial reviews are limited, but not very positive.