How to create a dashboard template?

How to create a dashboard template?

To use an existing dashboard as a template for a new dashboard, follow these steps:Make sure that the dashboard view is showing the dashboard that you want to copy.In the page header, select Clone.A copy of the dashboard, named Clone of your dashboard name opens in edit mode. Use the preceding steps in this article to rename and customize the dashboard.

How to create financial scenarios in Excel?

The steps to performing the analysis are:List the assumptions you want to create scenarios for.Copy and paste the list of assumptions according to the number of scenarios you wish to have.Fill in all details of each scenario.Ensure the layout of all three scenarios is identical.Create a new section called “Live Scenario.”More items…

How to create a basic KPI dashboard in Excel?

The implementationFirst have our raw data ready in a separate sheet, this is the easy step, you know how to get your data in to one sheet. …Next create a 10 row table for the dash boardInsert a scroll bar form control Go to Menu > view > tool bars and select “forms” to see the forms tool bar. …More items…

How to publish an online dashboard using Excel?

Open the FileClick Save As.At the bottom of the window, click on the down arrow of the drop-down menu.Select Web Page from the list.In the File Name box, type an appropriate name for the file.Click Publish.