How hard is fin300?

How hard is fin300?

"Managerial Finance (FIN300) is a course that everyone told me would be one of the most difficult courses in my undergrad. Entering the course, I realized that just simply attending lectures didn’t really help me understand the material so I needed to find a better solution to do well.

How hard is the Finance 300/401 course?

"Finance 300/401 is a tough course but with Patrick’s in-depth video of each topic covered in the textbook, it helped me understand and be more than prepared for the midterm/final. Patrick provided questions that your typical prof does not and gives you tips to help ace your exam with real-life examples as well.

Should I take fin 300 at Ryerson?

I would recommend Patrick if you ever need to take FIN 300 at Ryerson. I ended up getting an A- in the course because of Patrick’s help." – Owen Osinde, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2017