How do I get a mortgage in Minnesota housing?

How do I get a mortgage in Minnesota housing?

Access to online manuals, forms, worksheets, guides and resources to help Minnesota Housing lenders work with and originate Minnesota Housing Homeownership Program Loans. Start Up is our statewide mortgage program for eligible first-time homebuyers, available through participating lenders .

Where can I find targeted housing assistance in Minnesota?

Some Minnesota counties and local nonprofit organizations used their CARES Act money to implement targeted housing assistance funds. Check your county’s official website to find out if any programs are available in your area.

What if I’m not eligible for housing assistance from Minnesota housing?

If it turns out you’re not eligible for housing assistance from this program, you’ll be connected with other resources, if available. Go to the Resources for Renters and Homeowners section of Minnesota Housing’s COVID-19 website for a list of additional resources.

Is there funding available to help homeowners keep their homes in Minnesota?

The program is not available yet and the amount of funding available will likely not meet the anticipated needs of all eligible Minnesota homeowners. It is important that lenders, mortgage servicers, and homeowners work together to explore the full range of options available to help Minnesotans keep their homes.