How can I afford to pay for school fees?

How can I afford to pay for school fees?

Paying school fees from your monthly income is the most expensive approach, as neither tax relief nor salary sacrifice are directly available. Better options would be to start saving and investing funds for school well in advance, or, if it’s already too late, getting support from family if this is possible.

What is school fee plan?

School Fee Plan School Fee Plan is the convenient and manageable way for parents to pay for independent school fees and extras such as music tuition and trips. We split the costs into regular monthly direct debits, like any other household bill.

How is a school funded?

Schools receive three types of funding through the Ministry of Education. Property funding for capital works and funding for special activities. The Resourcing division administers operational funding and staffing entitlements; the Infrastructure division administers property funding.

How do I make a payment plan for my education costs?

Calculate a payment plan for your fees and complete a quick online application. This will not impact your credit score. Our team will then review your details and tailor a plan to cover your current and future education costs. Once your account is set-up, simply forward your invoice to us and we’ll organise payment to the school.