Could economy 10 help you save money on your energy bills?

Could economy 10 help you save money on your energy bills?

If you’ve got the right kind of lifestyle, Economy 10 could help you save on your energy bills. Consumers who use the majority of their energy at night will be able to take advantage of much cheaper electricity rates. Economy 10 is great for those with an electric heating system or underfloor heating

What is economy 10 and how does it work?

Economy 10 gives you the same energy as any other tariff, but during 10 off-peak hours of the day, your energy will cost less. The Economy 10 discounted rates are typically broken down into seven hours at night, and three hours during the day. While Economy 10 offers unit rates of up to half the price of peak rates,…

What are economy 10 tariffs?

Economy 10 tariffs are a type of electricity plan that gives energy users ten hours of cheaper electricity each day. Usually, an Economy 10 tariff will give a customer seven hours of cheaper electricity during the night, and an additional three hours of cheaper electricity in the day.

What are the different rates on an economy 10 meter?

Most ‘typical’ Economy 10 meters have two rates – Peak and Offpeak. The whole house is supplied from this meter, and all electricity is recorded against peak or off-peak rates according to the time of day. Some meters have a third rate called a ‘heat’ rate.