Can you grow back receding gums?

Can you grow back receding gums?

It can be super confusing. Some resources will say you can grow back gum tissue while others will say you can’t. One site might tell you that receding gums are a result of brushing too hard and another might say gum recession is caused by gum disease. So, this article serves as our best attempt to dispel the myths around receding gums.

What are the different types of treatment for receding gums?

If the recession is severe and causing symptoms, such as tooth sensitivity, pain, or infection, then various treatments are available. These include deep cleaning, medicating infections, and tissue grafts. Receding gums is a common condition, but people often do not realize their gums are receding until a late stage in the process.

What is the average age for receding gums?

Receding Gums Increases with Age. The study found that from age 30-39, about 38% of individuals had receding gums. This increased to 71% for people aged 50-59, and was more than 90% for people age 80-89. Initially, women had much lower rates of receding gums, but by age 40, the rates become about the same.

What are the causes of gum recession?

Tartar is actually one of the major gum recession causes. Once you have gingivitis, it will get worse unless you treat it. One of the first symptoms of gum disease and recession you might notice is tooth sensitivity. This is because the sensitive roots of your teeth are becoming exposed.