Can you finance a laptop on Amazon?

Can you finance a laptop on Amazon?

Amazon Amazon provides special 6- and 12-month financing for shoppers making purchases with an Store Card. Laptops that cost over $149 are subject to 6-month financing without interest, while laptops priced higher than $599 are eligible for zero interest if paid off within the year. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

What are my financing options with my Amazon store card?

Amazon offers two financing options if you have its Amazon Store Card: equal monthly payments and special financing. Your eligibility for either option is subject to credit approval. Use the table below to compare these options. How is the purchase charged to your account?

Which stores offer financing for laptops?

Apple Financial Services also offers customizable financing options for your budget and technological goals, including delayed payment structures, trade-in and recycling services. Best Buy offers storewide 6 and 12-month financing that can be applied to the laptop of your choice, provided that its price is over $199 or $399, respectively.

What are the financing options for a Dell XPS laptop?

Dell provides a number of special financing options for its many laptop brands and series, some of which include Alienware, Inspiron and XPS. The financing periods range from 6 to 12 months for purchases over $599 and $899, respectively. All promotional offers are available for no interest if they’re paid in full prior to the end date.